Virtue Keepsake and Traditional Jewellery Design Types: Understanding their Differences

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Women will never say they have enough jewellery. Their thirst for all these precious pieces is simply insatiable. This is why the jewellery market today is flooded with different types of ornaments to place around a lady’s finger, neck, ears and wrists. One prominent name in the market is the famous Virtue Keepsakes lockets.

Lockets are wonderful pieces of jewellery. They allow you to personalise the accessory to make them reflect the wearer’s personality. The lockets from Keepsakes are the perfect pieces for the women in your life. With their modern-day designs, they are most suitable for women on the go. Here is a look at how the Keepsake locket design types are different from the traditional ones.


Conventional Lockets

Traditionally, lockets were designed into two halves that could be opened and closed. In the space within the locket, you could place a small photograph or some other memento of a loved one. Such lockets are typically of intricate design on the upper surface and were made from a host of precious metals, including gold, silver, copper, iron, brass and pewter. The most famous among the traditional lockets is the heart-shaped one — a common gift to a loved one.

Keepsake Lockets

The collection of finely crafted lockets from Virtue Keepsake, on the other hand, is made of silver with rose gold, gold and rhodium plating. These lockets are available in two sizes. The beauty with the Keepsake lockets is that they have been designed to hold up to three interchangeable discs made of precious or semi-precious stones with colourful designs. This makes the lockets extremely versatile and allows women to create the perfect look.


Normally, with a traditional locket, you will have to make do with whatever design is available. However, with the Keepsake ones, you have the facility to customise your own locket by playing around with the options available. You can even wear these lockets on chains of different lengths and create a layered look.

Why not give your ladylove a locket from Keepsake and make her feel ultra-special, even on an ordinary day?

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