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A Simple Guide on Hot Tub Motors: What Every Owner Should Know

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A hot tub pump has two vital parts – the motor and the wet end. The motor is the mechanical portion of the tub while the wet end is where the water is placed. The motor controls how much power is to be generated and how fast the impeller should move the water to the wet end. The main components of a hot tub pump are voltage, horsepower, the frame, and the number of speeds. and other reliable spa services suggest that owners understand how these function to prevent any trouble.

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Horsepower is the unit used to state the quantity of power being put off by an electric motor. Hot tub motors generally range from one to five horsepower. It’s believed that the higher the horsepower, the stronger the flow from the pumps will be.


During a repair service or replacement of damaged motors, it’s advisable to stick to the same amount of horsepower as that of your original spa motor. The horsepower largely depends on the number of hot tub jets and the preferred amount of power needed. A small change of one horsepower up or down will be fine, but don’t go in for any drastic changes without consulting the manufacturers.


The speed of the hot tub motors are either one speed or two speed motors. It’s also important to know the voltage of electricity necessary to power your hot tub motors. Motors are generally either in 230 V or 115 V.


Oversized high horsepower pumps only increase the cost of the hot tub. Top makers have now created cost effective systems with very low operating costs just by incredible designing. The science of hydraulics is more important than horsepower to produce efficient and the best hot tubs from top manufacturers.

Other Important Factors

Nowadays, the belief is that many other factors are more important than the horsepower for a hot tub. These are better jets, efficient plumbing and flow control, which means better hydraulics. A lower horsepower pump placed in an efficient hot tub can generate equal jet power as a higher one in a more inefficient hot tub.

While replacing the motor, pay attention when coordinating the voltage, horsepower, speed and frame for the hot tub to function efficiently.

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