Vinyl Fencing vs. Ornamental Iron fencing

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Fence InstallationSeveral factors come into play when selecting an ideal fence for a property; the most common being better security and privacy, pool safety, confining kids and pets in the property well as adding a decorative feature to the landscape. Whatever your reason is, you will choose a fence that suits your needs. It, however, doesn’t mean setting up an unattractive fence to suit your needs. In fact, some home buyers get lured into buying a property just because of the fencing features. 

Vinyl and ornamental iron fencing fit perfectly into this description; they are both functional and pretty attractive. So which one is better? Right here in Salt Lake City, United Fence Company explains that you can easily compare and contrast vinyl fence and ornamental iron fencing to help you make informed decisions.


Vinyl fencing takes the lead if you are looking for privacy in a home. Though iron fencing can be customized to various designs, fences made out of iron material are pretty easy to see through; the straight bars that feature open designs are fitted close together but are still wide enough for people to peep through. Thus, if enhancing the safety of a home, building or an apartment complex, use a vinyl fence or commercial or industrial aluminum rails.

Decorative Features

Today, homeowners are inclined to provide decorative fences on their property. And ornamental iron fences come in a variety of decorative features and colors. Though vinyl fences can be embossed to resemble wood fencing, it just doesn’t have the classic wood features. The term wrought means to provide decoration and interesting features. Actually, plenty of websites feature wrought iron features that could help a homeowner find great ideas for his home.

Weather Damage After Some Time

Nobody wants to spend a fortune on fencing just to replace it after a year or two. Homeowners want sturdy fences that can last for years on end. A vinyl fence salt lake city is more durable than ornamental wrought iron. It is because, over time, rust accumulates on wrought iron fences which can be pretty difficult to deal with. Of course, paint will keep off the rust from forming but after some time the paint chips causing the fencing to lose its luster. As such, if looking for a fence that doesn’t show weather damage over time pick a vinyl fence.

Once you have factored in these three aspects, you may go ahead and ask a gate specialist to fit your ideal choice fence – a vinyl fence salt lake city or an ornamental wrought iron fence.

When choosing between vinyl fencing and ornamental wrought fences, it is important to factor in the level of privacy your home needs, the decorative features and whether the fence shows weather damage over time.

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