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Twitter: The Digital Marketing Dictator

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Digital Marketing in PerthIt is widely known that Twitter is making digital waves in both social and marketing trends, but how is it different in Australia?

With over 2.8 million Aussies on Twitter, heavy traffic and use of the social media platform has become influential to the point of shaping how users express themselves. While this is more of a challenge, tweeting has become a skill that doing so exceptionally has been used for digital marketing.

The site’s different functions have created various opportunities for businesses to use it for their profit and success that even SEO experts, like highly suggest to use it wisely.

Tweet with Your Brand’s Image in Mind

Every character counts on Twitter, literally and figuratively. Large brands, even celebrities have publicists who take care of their social media presence, however, this is done very rarely on Twitter. With that in mind, what you say or tweet will directly contribute and mould how your followers see you.

In this endeavour, you not only shape your brand’s personality, you also make it a point to engage your audience.

Create a #hype Through #Hashtagging

The phenomenon of hashtags is fascinating, as it has transcended all media platforms. Like tweeting, using hashtags require a certain skill set. There are Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind to ensure the success of your hype creation.

Now, how has hashtagging become a marketing tool? As you start a conversation online, you are able to gain a following through your popularity and visibility or searchability. With #hashtags, people find it easier to follow you and keep them in the loop, whether for news or the latest promos.

If done right, the #hype that your hashtag creates will stir a widespread curiosity leading to a bigger effect, which is trending — a list that Twitter whips up of the most talked about topics on the microblogging site.

Talk to Your Followers

Over the course of time, many business functions have turned into marketing tools, one of the most surprising being customer care. Through @Twitter mentions, you are able to talk directly to your followers on a personal level. This contributes to the way you are viewed as a business.

If customer care is one you prioritise then you are likely to gain fans and followers, as they will have the idea of you being a brand that puts their needs first.

With only 140 characters, your wits are sure to be challenged. So knowing how to use them to your brand’s advantage is a required skill in the digital marketing world.


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