The Kind of Diet to Follow After Having Your Teeth Whitened

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Teeth WhitenedTooth whitening treatments account for a sizeable amount of profits in the dental industry. Many people want to achieve that pearly white smile we often see in advertisements. As such, the procedure has become more common and more accessible to people.

What many do not know is that teeth whitening does not yield permanent results. If you want to keep your biters white for a longer time, you need to take care of it right after the whitening session. And of course, it all begins with what you eat. Here are a few more details on how your diet should change to keep your teeth white, clean and healthy:

Change Your Crunchy Snacks

For most of us, it is common instinct to grab biscuits and/or crisps whenever we feel a little hungry. After all, these are delicious and light enough to quell your appetite without feeling too full. Unfortunately, this is a habit you have to ditch once you have your teeth whitened.

Instead, experts on tooth whitening from Garden View Dental Care recommend snacking on crunchy fruits and vegetables. Notable examples include apple, celery, cauliflower, carrot and even fresh popcorn. These are healthy options that increase saliva production, which reduce the impact of acid in your mouth. As a result, you enjoy whiter teeth longer.

Eat More Cheese

Cheese helps a lot in your dental health, especially after whitening. Various cheeses are rich in calcium and keep tooth decay at bay. Consequently, cheeses have a light colour that do not stain your teeth.

Keep Food at Room Temperature

One overlooked aspect of food is the temperature. Whitening your teeth opens it up to be a little more sensitive, so eating foods that are either too hot or too cold could be unpleasant. It is best to stick to foods that are at room temperature.

As long as you change your diet, you can take care of your teeth and prolong the effect of the whitening process.

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