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Travel Must Do’s: Australia’s Top Landscapes

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Hot Air BalloonAustralia is often in the travel list of many wanderers because of its mix of urban and natural destinations. Any kind of traveller will enjoy the country because of its eclectic food, wine, and activities from beach bumming to 4×4 riding.

When you browse places to visit in magazines, online or otherwise, you will find at least one Australian destination on the list, whether it is the Great Barrier Reef or the urban haven of Sydney. The country boasts of extraordinary landscapes that will inspire you to pack your bags and go.

Bungle Bungle Ranges

The Bungle Bungle Ranges is a unique landscape discovered in the 1980s. These mysterious white and black domes tower from the ground, forming beehive-like shapes. Ride a 4WD, hike and camp in the grounds to discover ancient rock art, gorges, wildlife and beautiful tropical pools.

Hunter Valley

Hunter Valley is famous for its gourmet food and delectable wines. However, this part of Australia has breathtaking views from above. Beyond Ballooning agrees that the best way to enjoy the valley is up in the sky.

Hunter Valley’s verdant and lush landscapes are relaxing and a good way to spend the day above the clouds. Take your family or a special someone while you getting an overlooking view of the beautiful hills and fields.

Twelve Apostles

These towering limestone formations on the opposite side of Port Campbell National Park go as high as 45 metres with the crashing of the waves at their feet.

Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven beach embodies everything you imagined as a beach paradise. Its dancing tides and bone-white sand conflate with the changing hues of the water from emerald to cerulean. It is no surprise that Whitehaven is often on the world’s best beaches lists.

These four places only scratch the surface of what you will discover with your trip to Australia. The country has several beautiful places worth putting on your travel bucket list.

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