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Towards an Environmentally Sustainable Home

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home renovationThe Australian government encourages renovations that will make your home more sustainable. By planning some home improvements using Perth builders, you might as well try to include some of the suggestions below in your plans. You may need to get approval from the local government for some of these changes, so you should check first.

The Renovation Company lists some ways where you can renovate your home to be more energy efficient and environment-friendly.

Energy Conservation

Windows and floors are always a concern when it comes to conserving heat or cold. You could consider the following to help you save money on thermal control:

Use double glazed glass

• Refit sashes to improve the air seal

• Consider relocating windows facing east and west

• Remove excessive foliage that blocks sunlight in windows facing north

• Remove carpets in areas that can absorb heat from the sun and replace with polished tiles


• Create new openings on non-load bearing walls to improve cross drafts

• Install plantation blinds or other window treatments that allows you to control the entrance of sunlight and air

• Install ceiling fans

• Install doors in stairways and hallways to control air drafts

• Invest in landscaping or fences to direct the breeze into the home


• Install insulation on the roof, walls and floor

Create a crawl space under the floor and place insulation to keep heat from leaking through the floor

• Insert insulation before re-cladding external walls

You can ask your builder if they can include some or all of these suggested changes. Some of the best Perth builders can give you a reasonable cost. Many of these improvements can really help you save on energy costs and improve your quality of life. Even if you spend a little more than you thought at first, you will save money in the end.

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