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Things You Need to Know to Fund Your Last Minute Move

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How Costly Poor Preparation Can Be

One of the hardest aspects when moving is the financial aspect. You’ll have to find a new apartment or house to rent or even buy, and then purchase appliances and other necessities. However, when moving at the last minute, there’s a chance you’ll have to spend more than what you’d normally end up spending if you only had enough time to prepare. You might end up having to hire a professional moving and packing service to help you out, if you don’t have enough time and manpower to pack up, load, and unload your stuff. Additionally, you may have to pay more for temporary living arrangements (such as inns, hotels, or a relatively expensive apartment), if you didn’t have enough time to find or reserve cheaper alternatives. As such, you’d have to prepare yourself for the financial cost of moving last-minute.

Relocation Allowance

If you’re moving due to a new job, you’d want to ask your employer if they can provide you with aid with the relocation. In fact, some companies offer eligible employees an allowance to partially or fully pay for the expense of moving, these are under ‘relocation allowance’ or ‘relocation package’ clauses in work contracts. Moving at the last minute can indeed be costly, but if your employer can pay full or even just a part of it, it can go a long way.

Selling Your Stuff

When moving, you have to sort all your stuff from stuff you’ll need to bring, stuff to throw away, and stuff to either sell, donate, or gift. Selling furniture, appliances, and other items (such as figurine, books, and artwork) can definitely help you with covering the expenses of your move. However, there’s the issue of you not being able to be there to sell the items since you’ll be moving out soon. So you’d have to be smart about how to tackle the selling of your items. The quickest ways to sell your items is by having a garage sale, using online selling apps and platform, and even social media. If you’re able to sell all of them, good, if not, don’t just throw or give them away. You can have a friend or relative manage the selling of these items after you’re gone, or you can partner with flea markets and commission seller to keep and sell the items then have the seller send you the money.

Selling Your House

for sale sign at luxury house with pool background

Lastly, you always have the option to sell your home in order to help you fund your move, and perhaps even help you buy a new house or unit. People tend to think that selling a home can take months and you’d have to renovate or fix the house then find a good real estate agent to help sell it, however, if you type in “sell my home in Fort Collins quickly” in any online search engine, you’d be surprised that there are actually companies and businesses that offer quick cash purchasing of houses in any condition.


Moving on short notice can indeed be very costly, which is why it’s important for you to find ways to easily fund the move without having to borrow money or get a loan from lenders. So, if you’ve only got a week or less to move, consider these tips in order to help you out.

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