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How Visual Clutter Affects Person’s Health

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Clutter does more than just make your space look messy. It can also lead to various types of problems, ranging from procrastination to increased levels of anxiety.

Being aware of these adverse effects can help you realize that you may be living a life overrun by too much stuff. But how do you balance your life and your possessions?

Clutter may seem like a combination of small stuff lying around the house. But every minor clutter can take a toll on your well-being. That’s because clutter tends to cause your brain to get overloaded with sensory input.

Once your brain is fully loaded, you’ll start to find it challenging to focus. You’ll also experience mental fatigue and reduced decision-making process.

Adding light and color

There are many ways to resolve the visual clutter around your home. Aside from removing all the unnecessary objects in your workstation and putting all things in its proper place, changing the color can also help. It can be as simple as changing a pillow or adding an accent wall into your room.

Interior designers recommend choosing colors that evoke positive feelings or a sense of calmness. Choose a color that works on the vibe that you’re going for in your room. Consider the lighting, too. Working in a poorly lit room is difficult. Moreover, working in the dark can also affect your mood. So, if the room doesn’t receive any natural light, your body is missing some of its mood boosters. That’s why it’s best to add task lamps when you’re working. Working in a well-lit space can boost your productivity and improve your mood.

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How plants can improve your life

It may come as a surprise for some people, but plants can do more than just make your place look beautiful. Various building materials inside the house emit volatile organic compounds and carbon dioxide, which can be toxic to the body.

While the level of volatile organic compounds in new establishments is low, there are a few pieces of evidence that show its harmful effects on the inhabitants. A few studies show that continued exposure to low levels of VOCs can lead to a condition called the sick building syndrome. People with condition experience acute levels of discomfort and health effects, which appear to have a connection to the length of time spent inside a building.

Some of these symptoms include drowsiness and physical irritability. Meanwhile, others have trouble concentrating, as well as nausea. These symptoms can affect a person’s productivity and the ability to work effectively.

Experts say that having a vertical garden in the Philippines can help improve indoor quality. That’s because plants remove the carbon dioxide in an area; therefore, improving the quality of air inside.

Clutter can be anything that you consider an eyesore. So, try to stay on top of things by simply putting things in their rightful place and keeping things organized. You can also add plants to make your space look beautiful while making sure the air is breathable enough as well.

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