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The Things to Consider When Planning a Beach Wedding on Your Own

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Planning a wedding can be stressful, especially if you are doing it by yourself, but planning a wedding that will be held at a popular destination such as a beach is an even bigger challenge. Here is a guide that can help you plan the perfect beach wedding:

Pick a Suitable Date

When you hold any occasion outdoors, many things can easily go wrong. One important factor that you should look out for is the weather. You obviously would want to get married with the sun shining over you, so consider the climate where the beach is located. You may speak to the owner of the resort and ask about what kind of weather they usually get in the area around the time of the wedding. Unfortunately, when the weather is nice, there also will be an influx of tourists, especially if it is a popular destination. That is something you need to consider.

Deciding on a date early means that you can immediately notify your entourage, guests, professional wedding videographer and photographer, officiant, etc.

Visit the Venue

Whether you only have seen the venue in pictures or you have been there a couple of times for vacation, it will be wise to check out the place at least once before the wedding. It is possible that the photos nor your memory do not reflect the area accurately.

Going there beforehand can help envision your wedding and make informed decisions when planning elements of the event like seating and decor. This is also the time to negotiate with local suppliers such as caterers, florists, audio and light providers. Schedule tastings for the food that will be served at the reception and ask to see samples of the bouquet while there.

Before you commit, be sure that the suppliers can be trusted. You will be leaving a lot of important factors of your wedding in their hands, so you need to be careful. Do not go into a contract if you are not comfortable or if you have any doubts or do not agree to something. Vet all the suppliers meticulously.

Choose a Beach-Ready Dress

At your beach wedding, you will be walking on sand. While you may want to wear a multi-layered floor-length dress, it may not be suitable for the venue. You may want to use lighter fabrics so you will not feel too hot and stuffy while standing under the sun. You may also go for a shorter dress to make sure that you will not be dragging sand. If you are traveling far from your home to your destination, consider how you will transport your gown without ruining it. Your guests should also be dressed in a breathable material that will feel comfortable throughout the ceremony.

Expect the Unexpected

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Despite how carefully you plan your wedding, mistakes can happen. Set aside money out of your budget that will go toward expenses that you may not have foreseen. Moreover, some people on your guest list may not be able to attend your wedding if the location is far away from your home and they need to fly out or drive for hours.

Arranging a beach wedding will be tough. Ask a family member or a friend for help. Better yet, hire a professional planner to iron out every detail of your beach wedding so that you will never have to feel stressed or worried.


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