The Perfect Colors for a Man’s Bed

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comfortable bedSelecting the perfect color scheme for a man’s bed is still hard, because of the color and pattern options. Don’t fear—below are some practical guidelines to design that perfect bed.

Whites and Neutrals

Dream World Design says you won’t go wrong with crisp beddings in whites and neutrals. The best thing about them is you can easily pair them with every style and color scheme imaginable. They’re versatile, so you can throw in other colors in your bedspread, throws, or blankets. Switch them up whenever you want to change the look of your bed. For a bit of oomph, find sheets with a bold band or accent colors.

The Dark Side

For a cozy and warm bed, bring in some dark colored blankets or sheets. Darker hues of greens, blues, reds, and black will work well with a masculine bed. Pair two dark shades together to create a bold impact. Try black and blue, or black and brown, for example. Dark colors likewise work great with gray shades.

Shades of Gray

Gray is a good option when you’re not sure you can pull off a darker color scheme, but are looking for something other than whites. Gray will lend some spice to your bed in a more understated and subtly sexy way. With the proper color scheme, even a pink or violet shade paired with gray will look masculine, since the colors balance each other.

The Pattern Game

Using patterned bedding will lend some casual elegance to your bed. The key is to balance your choice of patterns with neutrals and whites. For example, blue walls mixed with white accents will go well with a striped or checked bedspread.

To ensure you won’t go overboard, pair a patterned coverlet or blanket with a bed sheet in a solid color, or the other way around.

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