Graffiti: An Artist Way To Express In Unlawful Way

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GraffitiWe have to admit that Graffiti, no matter how beautiful or artistic it is, it is still a form of vandalism. According to Western Australia Police Graffiti Team, up to 30 million dollars is being spent every year for graffiti removal within Western Australia. Public spaces are not the only ones paying for graffiti removals, even privately owned structures are being vandalized with graffiti.

Art for public

Graffiti is usually seen in public wall and spaces. It is sometimes a form of protest against capitalism and the government or a protest for mother earth and other relevant crisis but sometimes it is just pure art. It is free for public viewing and it is made for the public to view and appreciate. Graffiti artists like Banksy and Nick Walker are world known. Their artworks are very popular, they are even being studied and researched. Their kind of graffiti are the kind of artworks that are being widely appreciated.

Crime to others

Even if graffiti is a form of art to others, to someone else it is a form of unlawful act that costs a lot of trouble and money. And there are times that graffiti was just made to ruin properties. And this is when it gets problematic. New York State Police (NYSP) even has step by step guidelines on how to remove and prevent graffiti from propagating. NYSP stated that if graffiti was removed quickly (within 24 hrs) further propagation of graffiti can be stopped.

Almost zero occurrences are usually the result of persistently removing of graffiti. One way to easily and quickly remove graffiti is to have anti graffiti film from Cleargard Australia.

It is up to you whether you are going to view graffiti as an art that should stay or a vandalism that should be stopped. It is all in the matter of perspective.

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