The Key to a Healthy Sun-Kissed Skin

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Woman with a beautiful tanAs soon as the days turn warm, many feel the excitement that only the summer season can bring. For a lot of people, this means the time has come for them to sport a sun-kissed look. Amidst all the enthusiasm and thrill of getting a tan, however, it is vital that you do not forget to carry out safe tanning techniques. Always keep in mind that overexposing your skin (as well as your eyes) can give rise to serious health risks. Yes, you want that bronze, but this should not make you think, in any circumstance, that it is fine to compromise your health and safety.

To help you prevent such disastrous consequences of sunlight overexposure, skin care brand Bali Body says you should not fail to carry out the pre-tanning technique of skin exfoliation.

What exfoliating can do to help achieve the best tan you can ever have

Before you literally go out for your tanning session, it pays to exfoliate your skin first. Doing so rids your skin of the dead cells that have accumulated on the outer and uppermost layer. Without these dead skin cells, fresh skin appears, which is far easier to tan than the lifeless layer. Since it takes much less time for the new skin to sport a sun-kissed appearance, you can significantly reduce your risks of overexposure to the sunlight.

To hasten the process of bronzing, you should consider investing in a high-quality organic suntan oil. Application of this tanning product will intensify the UV light’s effects on your skin, allowing you to cut back the time you need to brown up.

Exfoliating for an even bronzing

You should also note that dead-cell-free skin is much easier to evenly bronze, not to mention had less risk of developing adverse reactions. Since exfoliating eliminates dirt and oil that can clog the pores, your tanning session will have considerably reduced risks of turning into a painful nightmare.

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