2 Types of Skin Products That Can Give You a Natural Glow

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Girl with beautiful skinWe use different skin products to enhance the appearance of our skin. However, most of these products contain harsh chemicals that can affect the skin. So we’ve rounded up 2 of the common products we use that now come in alternative natural formulations.

Plant-Based Natural Tanning Products

There is a new way to get a tan without getting too much exposure from the sun. Bali Body notes that natural tan lotions self-tanning products give you a tan without the risk of sunburn. Manufacturers make these products with natural plant oils formulated to give you golden glow sans dry skin afterward. Made with natural oils, these products are easy to apply on the skin and do not have artificial colouring that transfers to your clothing or your sheets. You can apply it at night and wake up to a perfect golden tan as if you’ve been on the beach the day before. To achieve best results, always follow recommended product use — the prep and application methods are the most important parts in using any tanning product to get an even tone. The ones that come in oil and lotions forms are the easiest to apply, too.

Natural Minerals Based Skincare Products

Dead Sea Minerals are popular for their natural protective and rejuvenating properties that can heal and repair various skin problems. Experts value these minerals for their restorative properties and are unique to its source, which is the Dead Sea. It is also good for moisturising as it replenishes the skin’s lost natural moisture from within. And because the skin can easily absorb this natural ingredient, it gives a natural, smooth glow to your skin that looks great even without wearing any makeup.

Whether you’re fighting off early signs of ageing or working to get a summer tan, there are products made with natural ingredients that are available in the market and have formulations for different skin types, too. These products are safer and kinder to your skin and work like magic. Go natural!

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