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Suffering From Back Pain? Your Sleep Could be the Culprit

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back painBack pain can be very frustrating. Be it at work, at school, or just in the comfort of your home, back pain can result in limited motion and may have a tremendous effect on your mood. In fact, this musculoskeletal condition is among the most common reasons for days off work or school, and for poor work or school performance.

The Many Possible Causes of Back Pain

There are many causes of back pain. The Mattress Department cites a few possible ones below:

• Spinal injury due to trauma
• Repetitive or forceful motion of the back
• Ergonomically poor workplace desks and chairs
• Improper posture in lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy objects
• Underlying medical condition. Spinal tumors, bacterial infection, and arthritis affecting the backbone are among the possible medical causes of back pain
• Experts suggest prolonged or frequent stress might trigger back pain

Back Pain: a Result of a Bad Night’s Sleep?

Some experts suggest that you can trace the underlying cause of back pain sometimes during your sleep. For instance, sleeping in a room that is too warm or too cold may compromise a good night’s sleep. This would make you feel restless, and may thus trigger backache.

Back pain can also be a result of wrong sleep position. Resting on your tummy, for instance, flattens the natural curve of your back and may result to back pain.

Warding Off Back Pain Through Bed Foams

Persistent back pain can be a result of sleeping on the wrong mattress. The design of mattresses prevents pressure on certain points of your back by supporting the natural curvature of the spine. As such, finding the right one in Salt Lake City can mean not just a good night’s sleep, but a back pain-free morning.

Knowing the cause of your back pain could spell the difference between a good and a bad day. This only means that if you are suffering from back pain, consult with your doctor immediately to identify what might be causing it, and to determine the treatment option that would best suit your need.

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