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Stop, Look, and Know Your Rights: What to Do When Pulled Over for DUI

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Pull overAlcohol can really do a number on your senses and cause you to drive erratically. Even if you were less than half the legal limit for alcohol consumption, if your driving caused your vehicle to stray all over the road, you will get pulled over by an officer.

So what exactly should you remember about DUI?

Stop, look, and read on to find out more about what you need to know and what you have to do if an officer of the law pulls you over for Driving Under the Influence.


No one wants to see the flashing of red and blue behind your car, but when it does happen, make sure to pull over at the nearest spot available. Ignoring the police officer trying to flag you, or speeding to try and get away from them, can land you in deeper trouble than you may already be in.


Attorneys like WTB Law attest that law enforcers often see any act of aggression or evasiveness as a sign of guilt and can land you in hot water. Always stay in the car and cooperate with the arresting officer. Be sure to have your license, registration, and insurance details ready, as these are the first things that the officer will inquire about.

Know Your Rights

While you are not exactly free to go when an officer of the law stops you at the side of the road, you are also not “in custody”. Anything you say can put you in a tricky spot so you can always plead the 5th amendment, as is your right. You need to answer questions regarding your license, registration, and insurance, but anything beyond that is purely voluntary. The same holds true for the sobriety test.

Remember that the best way to avoid getting pulled over for a DUI is by not drinking at all or by designating a driver ahead of time when you know you will be drinking.

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