Spring Landscaping: 5 Things to Consider

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amazing landscapingSpring is a lovely season as flowers start to bloom, lawns start to thicken, and butterflies appear. For the green thumb, it’s the best time to do some landscaping. And it can be a lot of work as your space is unearthed and old plants are uprooted. You’ll definitely need the service of a dumpster rental in Denver, CO to pick up the mess and a contractor to bring your plans to life.

Here are some things you’ll need to consider for your landscaping project this spring.

1. Your Yard’s Climate

Some parts of your yard may be more shaded than others. Knowing which parts receive more or less sunlight will help you choose the kind of plants to put around your house.

2. Create a Strategy

Decide whether you’re going dig up everything and start from scratch or do the project one part of the house at a time. Think about how the project is going to affect your household’s daily activities.

3. Pests

Stray animals, insects, and other wildlife can destroy your landscaping even before the flowers start to bloom. It’s best to set up protection like a fence or a wire mesh, depending on what kind of pests you have.

4. Plant Growth and Maintenance

Once you’ve chosen your plants, you’ll need to know how much space they’ll need to grow and how much you’ll want them to grow. Maintaining them to stay in the shape you want also needs consideration.

5. Map It Out

Walk around your house with a pen a paper and write down which plant to put where. This’ll it make it easier for you to organize when and how to put in the plants.

You can always incorporate any of these tips into your landscaping plans. Know that a project planned always plays out the best. Let your gardening skills lose this spring and pour out your creativity on this year’s project.

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