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SEO 101: Guide to Improving Your SEO Campaigns

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Woman Working on SEO on ComputerWhile SEO can take your business to the next level, you need to ensure that your campaigns are running smoothly. Search engines can be tricky. You need to keep up with the latest updates to maintain or boost your site rankings.

To point you in the right direction, consider the guidelines below.

Structured Data and Schema Markup

This method is one of the essential keys to the success of your SEO campaigns. SEO Werkz and other SEO providers in Utah are following this structure to optimize their clients’ websites. You can categorize this into three groups: text, markup, and structured data.

The text refers to the content of the website. Be sure to update and publish original content. In addition, they should be informative and well-written. Using relevant and high ranking keywords also plays a vital role in optimizing a website.

The markup refers to the layout of the website. The key here is to make it responsive and user-friendly. It should be convenient for your site visitors. As much as possible, make it simple and avoid using too heavy graphics or videos. Keep in mind that your prospective clients are more interested in your products and services.

Finally, structured data refers to your strategy for making your website visible to search engines.

SEO Responsiveness

There is no exact SEO strategy or method that can guarantee site traffic. Don’t be deceived with SEO companies committing for initial results when you hire them. It takes time to improve your website’s rankings. The best thing you can do is monitor your website’s progress using different tools, such as Google Analytics. This can help you make the necessary adjustments to your methods.

Link Building

Gone are the days when you can easily build multiple links. Google and other prominent search engines can now detect and flag spam and suspicious links. It’s quality over quantity these days.

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