Seal the Deal: When to Seal Your Granite Countertops

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KitchenGranite countertops are a coveted interior design feature in many kitchens. As with other fixtures, however, most people want to improve the aesthetic appeal and function of their countertops even further. It’s no wonder many homeowners ask if they need to seal these surfaces.

Contrary to popular belief, not all granite countertops require such maintenance. This article discusses some strategies you can use to determine if the fixtures should be sealed and ways a superior-quality sealant can help in extending the life of your countertops.

“Testing the Waters”

In most cases, granite countertops that feature dark stones are denser than the light ones, so you really do not have to seal them or once per year will be enough. Light-coloured stones require sealing; some choose to do this every three months.

Just to make sure, experts from Miracle Sealants recommend using the “water test” to know if your granite countertops require sealing. Pour a few drops of water on the surface and see if the particles bead up. Applying a sealant will not be necessary if the water stays on the counter. But if the surface soaks in the liquid, you should consider sealing.

You may also use mineral oil, letting it stay on the counter for at least 10 minutes. The stone should not darken when you wipe the liquid off; otherwise, apply a sealer. There should be no problems or damage with the stone when you use this test.

The High-Quality Sealant

People often use impregnators when sealing stone. These chemicals are below-surface penetrating agents, containing resin and a solvent or a water carrier. Resin remains in the surface and blocks the pores of the stone to make sure that there are no entryways for liquids. The solvent, on the other hand, delivers the resin into the surface and then evaporates.

Choose impregnators when sealing your granite countertops. These last longer than traditional coatings and they do not discolour when exposed to ultra-violet light.

To seal or not to seal; that is the question. Use the techniques discussed to know if your granite countertops need sealing. Buy high-quality sealant from trusted providers to ensure that your fixtures are as good as new, even years from now.

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