Digital Radios: Communicating Efficiently in Noisy Workplaces

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communicationNoise is a work hazard that can threaten responder safety. Apart from creating physical and psychological stress, it can also interfere with communication and contribute to accidents by making it difficult to hear warning signals. Excessive noise levels are common in workplaces such as factories and manufacturing plants, and environments such as airports and construction sites.

Digital radios can help solve noise issues by reducing the impact of surrounding sounds during radio transmissions. According to Today’s Wireless World, such radios use a microprocessor to convert sounds into digital signals. Digital radios filter out background noise and focus more on the sound of human voice. This helps workers communicate clearly and efficiently despite excessive noise levels.

Noise-Reduction Technologies

MOTOTRBO notes that the use of noise-reduction technologies improves the intelligibility of the audio.  This means that workers standing next to a machinery or equipment can speak into the microphone and get an assurance their voice is clearly heard on the other end of the line. The result is always clear and reliable communication, wherever they are in the workplace.

Radio Headsets

Digital radios are also equipped with accessories like two-way headsets. These provide an effective way to communicate with others while offering protection from hazardous noise.  The convenience of Bluetooth® enabled devices also prevents the hassles of wires while working. Such headsets can deliver high quality audio during calls in a high-noise environment.

Additional Accessories

Other accessories like earpieces and microphones help provide surrounding noise suppression and amplify loudness. There are also noise cancelling remote speaker microphones that overpower other sounds so you can hear and be heard. They overcome extreme noise and excessive conditions to handle any communication challenges.

According to United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), exposure to high levels of noise can cause permanent hearing loss. Hearing aids or surgery cannot correct this type of hearing loss. This is why it is important to use digital radios specifically designed for noisy environments. They help address the problem before these lead to a disaster.

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