Preventing Troubles of CNC Machines

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CNC MachinesCNC machining is invaluable in several industries like stone cutting and composites. With the controls managed by a computer, CNC machines are highly precise equipment that can repeatedly produce the exact type of work needed. Industries need this kind of work to keep production, manufacturing, or other processes up and running to meet industry needs.

Reducing Breakdown

It will be a great loss to a company if their CNC machines break down. To keep this from happening, preventative maintenance is necessary. Preventative maintenance focuses on keeping machines up and running while they are not yet broken. The plan tries to identify and fix small problems as soon as possible to keep them from rupturing into a bigger problem.

Daily Cleaning

You can do maintenance every day, every few months, and every year. You simply have to change the things you check. When you are checking your CNC cutting tools and other machines every day, you should check the lube, hydraulic, and other fluid levels. When you notice excessive use of fluids, there may likely be a problem. You can also check grease points to make sure they are properly greased. You can also wipe the machines down at the end of the day to clean off shop grime.

Bi-Annual Checks

After six months, you or a specialist can conduct more extensive tests on your CNC machines. Chips, sludge, and oil should be removed from the coolant tank. Replacing fluids on the machines should also be included. You can take a look if the machine is levelled or not. You can also clean chucks, jaws, suction filters, radiator, wipers, and other parts of the machine.

Annual Maintenance

When it comes to yearly maintenance, more extensive maintenance should be made. You can inspect the headstock, the spindle, the tailstock, the turret parallelism and inclination, and other specific parts of the machine.

As long as you take care of your machines, you will be able to reduce machine breakdown time and proceed with your productions tasks.

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