Be Prepared! You Cannot Just Travel Around Australia With a Trailer

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Trailer TripA road trip around Australia will never be as complete and fulfilling as it would be if you do not have a trailer with you. Whether you travel with your family or friends, parking and camping out with a trailer is such a bonza experience everyone should try out. Given that the country has caravan and tourist parks for those who seek the enjoyment that life on the road brings, driving with a trailer, though, has specific rules and regulations.

If you assumed that you can just go on your sojourn and drive with a trailer, you might want to check the laws concerning the towing of a trailer. Not only does a trailer require advanced driving skills, the vehicles you are bringing must be standard.

So, before you set out on your journey, check out the caravan parts and trailer accessories that are available on the market. These can, more or less, make your journey convenient and hassle-free. No one would want to go out on the road worrying about their trip. The life on the road, of course, comes with risks. These dangers are something you can mitigate with ample preparation.

Listed below are the things you ought to consider as you plan your trailer trip:

  1. Trailers and caravans affect the way you manoeuvre your vehicle. Taking this into consideration, make sure that you check how a trailer consumes additional fuel, slows down acceleration and braking, and also, affects the control of your vehicle. The length, width and weight of a trailer might cause an inexperienced driver some inconvenience on the road.
  2. Towing more than a single trailer is illegal and the trailer is not allowed to carry passengers.
  3. In a lightless road, the distance between your vehicle and a heavy vehicle in front of you should be at least 60 metres.
  4. Practising drivers and provisional motorcycle riders cannot tow. P1 car licence holders, on the one hand, can only tow small trailers of 250 kg unloaded weight.

It is important that you know the towing capacity of your vehicle. This includes being aware of the trailer or caravan’s weight as well. Not doing so may result in unfortunate road accidents and costly damages. Road safety comes first.

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