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The Perks of Living in Makati

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living in makatiThere are many reasons most people choose to live in Makati. Truly, the city has a lot to offer, such as world class shopping malls, prestigious universities, and interesting museums. From good food to great people, what’s not to love?

Property listing authority cites a few highlights of the City of Makati.

The people

If there’s one thing amazing about this city, it has to be the crowd and the people you meet. Filipinos are already known for their hospitality, resourcefulness, diligence, and productivity. In fact, this is one of the selling points to many foreign investors and expats. In addition, the City of Makati is the country’s financial capital and most flourishing business district, which has become a melting pot of diverse nationalities.

Communication is never a problem, as English is their second language. This is why living in the Philippines is a lot more enjoyable and socially rewarding. They know how to relate with people of different races.

The wonders

Makati is pedestrian-friendly. You can walk down the busy streets, which feature artistically embellished works. Many people stroll along Ayala Center, or visit the towering skyscrapers that are home to the world’s largest business center.

Another thing you would notice is how the foreigners blend well with the Filipino culture and lifestyle. They might just educate you some of the perks of living in the Philippines—things like how easy it is to feel at home because they almost have everything they need. Most of them will tell you the perks of living in the Philippines, that it is easy for them to feel at home in this country because they have access to everything they need.

Finding a place to stay is also easy—from 5-star hotels, high-rise condominiums and apartments, you can definitely find a perfect place you can call home.

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