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B&Bs: Experiencing a Day or Two in Sydney

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bed and breakfast accommodationsA Bed and Breakfast, more commonly known as B&B, is a small, temporary housing establishment or lodge that offers an overnight accommodation with breakfast meals. Most of the time, these B&Bs never offer other meals. They are private homes, which usually have less than 10 bedrooms meant for renting.

Since 1980s, many Bed and Breakfast establishments have extended their services to self-catering as well. B&Bs have gained popularity in many countries, especially Australia, as many travelers need a place to rest at night and start off fresh after some nice breakfast.

Source of Income

Though Australia is better known as the place of City Dwellers, many B&Bs are doing quite well in the country. According to the owners of Sydney Harbour Bed and Breakfast, it is one of the most effective ways to earn some extra income. Some homes are either into part-time or full-time Bed and Breakfast business. Many luxurious homeowners are turning their homes into private Bed and Breakfast accommodations. Among the essentials for a good Bed and Breakfast are private rooms with private bathrooms.

Owners who operate B&Bs and guest houses either as a primary occupation or a secondary source of income. Usually, the owners themselves prepare the breakfast and clean the rooms. But, others choose to hire staff for cleaning or cooking. Hiring professional management for this type of property is quite uncommon. But, those owners who operate multiple B&B’s choose this route.

Ideal Locations

The Rocks in Sydney, Australia is a popular recreational zone perfectly located on the outskirts of Sydney. Looking for a Bed and Breakfast in this area can offer travelers a homely set up and ambience that makes them feel truly at home.

So, if you are planning on having a holiday with loads of recreational and fun activities, then book a Bed and Breakfast prior to your holiday. It is a great substitute to costly hotels, especially for short-term vacations.

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