Not Only for Windows: Other Smart Uses for Your New Shutters

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ShuttersShutters offer a stylish way to improve the appearance of any home, but its use isn’t limited to covering windows alone. Thanks to the durability and adaptability of its material, many homeowners find them useful in different applications. After all, they’re available in different colours and decors.

If you’re planning to buy affordable shutters in Perth or anywhere in WA, you might want to maximise their use by taking note of the following:

Shutters as Doors

Many homeowners today use shutters as doors because of the minimal light and air it allows to pass through. Shutter doors are ideal for bedrooms that lead to a veranda or any area inside the house that leads to the backyard. In comparison with glass sliding doors and curtains, shutters offer more privacy. They remove the need to keep the glass surface spotless or to replacing and washing the curtains regularly.

Shutters as Room Dividers

For a partition for your free-flowing home, you can install shutters instead of adding a wall. These may not have acoustic properties, but you can save a big amount of money. Some homeowners request their shutters to be removable, so they can remove and re-install it whenever they like. This is a good choice for separating the living area, home office, dining room or kitchen.

Shutters as Wardrobe Doors

What’s great about shutters is that there are different ways to open them, unlike typical wardrobes where you only pull a single or dual door outwards. Shutters are available in two-fold, bi-fold and sliding options. This is beneficial if you have a large wardrobe and want to open it wide open. In some cases, households who like to keep it traditional use shutters for cabinet doors.

These are only some examples of what you can do with your new shutters. Whether you’re going to DIY or hire a professional for its installation, you won’t go wrong in choosing this material for your home.

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