Marketing Ideas for Sign-making Businesses

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Any sign-making business, whether big or small, can always use a few marketing ideas to help generate more clients. If you want to attract more audiences to your sign making business, here are some marketing strategies that you can try:

1. Brag about your technology

If you’ve just bought the latest machine from a CNC laser-engraving machine supplier, why not tell the world about it? A sophisticated piece of technology can be an excellent point. Potential customers will be more willing to trust your business if you have the tools to meet their expectations. At the same time, existing leads might see your upgrade as the final sign that they should do business with you.

2. Post your signs on social media

Posting the signs you make on social media is a win-win situation for both you and your customer. On your end, posting on social media will help audiences see real samples of your work. For your customers, it’s also a form of marketing for them that can boost their business’s name.

3. Put your name on your delivery vehicles

If your business has its own vehicle to transport signs to customers, put your own business’ signage on the car or truck. You can advertise your business to a potential customer that might be walking down the street or driving next to the vehicle. At the same time, having your own sign on the delivery vehicle shows people a sample of your work.

4. Connect with business people

The primary target audience of sign makers is almost always business owners. Hence, connecting with local entrepreneurs can help you generate more leads. You can do this by attending trade shows, business conferences, and other events that are populated by budding entrepreneurs or small business owners.

5. Create mock signage

Don’t limit your samples to the signs you’ve already made for other customers. Create mock signage that can show your audiences the extent of your creativity. Then, post them on social media, use them in online advertisements, or submit them to popular, niche-specific forums.

6. Create a referral program


Use your existing customers to generate more leads by creating a referral program. For example, you can give them business cards to hand out to other potential customers, and in return, you can offer them a discount on their next order.

7. Pay attention to your own sign

Customers won’t trust your business if your sign is outdated and poorly designed! If your signage is too old, it’s time to make a new one for your business. Moreover, you can also take this as an opportunity to re-do your sign and give it a more attractive and modern look.

8. Post testimonials

Feedback is essential to any business. For a sign business, it is one of the most effective tools to gain more customers. When your customers give you positive reviews, post them on your website and social media. If they give you negative reviews, validate that they are within reason, and then address it in private before deciding to post it on your public page.

If your sign business needs more customers, these are the best marketing strategies that you can try. But regardless of the strategy that you choose, remember to pay attention to the quality of your work.

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