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Making Your Home the Perfect Homestay

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Setting your property up as a homestay or temporary lodging space can be a reliable business endeavor that yields many returns, whether you rent to long-term lodgers or weekend vacationers. New Zealand saw an average of 3.3 million guest nights a month in the last year for short-term accommodations alone. So, how can you make your space more inviting and get more bookings?

Invest in utilities

The first thing that people look at when finding a place to stay is the utilities. These days, you can be a cut above the rest if you can deck out your space to make it worth the price.

Look for internet routers, water heaters, and bathroom vanities for sale on the market and invest in having them available for your guests. While these installations may be another cost, they will make your place more attractive and feel complete to would-be guests. Providing basic comforts like these can make your property a more comfortable pick, especially when there are tons of other spaces up against it.

Doing this can also be a wise move if you have a specific area of your property that you are making accessible to guests. When everything they need is within reach, they won’t have any reason to try and wander to closed-off areas.

Use the power of the Internet

Online marketing has grown into a behemoth in the last decade. Use this to your advantage by setting up your listings on the web and opening a page that people can leave reviews on. You are more likely to attract more guests when there is a good record of positive feedback that you can show.

On top of that, whether you set up your own page or use an online marketplace, you can have a wider exposure and be able to show off pictures of your location to anyone who searches for it.

Statistics have shown that a majority of bookings made are now done online, and a whopping 91% of people trust online reviews as much as a friend’s recommendation.

Make the space amenable to students

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A survey has shown that 43% of international students in New Zealand opt to live in a homestay for the duration of their studies. It covers a broad demographic that you can tap into if you make your space exceptionally viable for them.

It not only pertains to pricing and location but also the way you set up the actual place. Establish a schedule, practices, and even decorations and materials that can be useful for students.

It is an excellent tactic to have because even if you end up renting out to non-students, they will still be able to make use of the amenities you have. Gearing them towards this popular market can prove beneficial.

From there, you will have made the space suitable for use. What’s left is for you to give your guests a warm welcome and establish a connection between safety and responsibility. When people feel at home in your place, they’ll be more likely to come back and tell others about it, too.

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