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Make it Fun: Planning a Company Outing

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The workforce is a company’s most important asset. In fact, it’s the backbone and lifeblood of the business itself. That being said, it’s vital for its head to make sure that each employee feels valued, appreciated, and involved.

A good way to promote a pleasant work culture is by holding company outings. Traveling together strengthens bonds, fosters cooperation, and builds coordination. These are all necessary for boosting productivity, improving performance quality, and unifying workflow for seamless operations.

If you are currently planning a business outing with your team, here are several tips and guidelines that may help you with your preparation.

Conduct a poll

As it’s your personnel who will be engaged in the activities, it’s best to ask for their opinions and suggestions. Hold a quick survey or poll to have a clear idea of what they want to do. With the results, you can then determine what theme to follow.

Be creative when setting a theme, but don’t go overboard because remember that you’re planning a company function, not a birthday party. If you want to go adventurous, add in some team-building activities. If you aim for a more educational approach, incorporate tours, seminars, or lectures. Keep a balance between casual and corporate. Of course, you want your employees to relax, but you want them to learn valuable skills as well.

Create an itinerary

List down all the destinations that will be part of your trip. Estimate the time that can be spent in each place so you can effectively create a schedule. It’s also indispensable that you check with the owners of the establishments you’ll visit so you can be fully informed of the coverage of service offerings, costs, regulations, and other important aspects.

Take care of transportation

Contact transportation services and ask for free quotations. You also have to determine your needs for space and storage. Before making an inquiry, list down all the essential details like the number of passengers and storage requirements for baggage. If you need special services such as movie viewing or provision of certain items, don’t forget to specify them.

In addition, verify if the company is under insurance because you must prioritize the security and safety of your employees. You should also check their compliance with legal standards and regulations.

Choose a reliable Destination Management Company

A destination management company (DMC) provides various services such as logistics, booking hotel accommodation, and assistance in selecting venues and making reservations. Their agents are professionals who are equipped with local knowledge. They also help you get better deals and pricing on products and services in your destination.

It’s highly indispensable that you choose an efficient and trustworthy company because it will act as an extension of your enterprise. Moreover, make sure that the DMC is locally based, well-established in its industry, has proper licensing and permits, and can tailor-fit programs to your particular preferences and needs.

Keep everyone informed

Keep your employees informed, especially if some changes are made with regard to the schedule or set of activities. Use social media or messaging apps to communicate announcements and reminders. It’s also better to steer away from largely work-related communication vehicles because your outing plans may interfere with daily operations and tasks.

Business trips offer multiple benefits to an enterprise. However, you must be hands-on and diligent in planning an outing to ensure that things will go smoothly and your personnel will stay safe.


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