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What Leadership Really Is

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Motivational SpeakersLeaders are born, not made.

This is one of the faulty adages that some people who call themselves “leaders” believe in. The statement is divisive, and it gives people the wrong notions about the nature of leadership.

Leadership goes beyond being on top. It’s not always about a person’s infallibility when it comes to handling the affairs of the organizations. It’s basically about a person’s passion to help his people improve themselves and inspire them to become leaders (thus, debunking the myth that leaders are born).

This article explores the nature of leadership. Read on to learn more.

Providing Independence

Motivational speakers, such as Brad Montgomery of MontgomeryPresents, believe that leadership is not about micro-management. It’s more about providing your followers as much independence as possible. If you’re strictly keeping them under your wing, you’re inhibiting them to express their ideas or sentiment that may propel the organization forward. Let them speak, and let them do things their way so long as they’re in line with the organization’s ideals and will benefit others in the long run.

Admitting Fears

Leaders are people, too. This means they also have fears. A good leader admits his fears to his followers and asks their help in overcoming them. They may also view fear as a chance to improve themselves or make an opportunity out of them.

Being an Example

For a leader to inspire others to become leaders themselves, he should set an example. He needs to be a role model. Leaders are often the hardest worker in the group. He’s willing to do things that will help the organization move forward. They also challenge their followers.

Leadership is not about possessing irresistible charisma or making them follow out of fear. Leaders encourage respect. They know their limitations, and they do their best to bring out the best in others.

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