Injury-Free Skiing

Injury-Free Skiing: 3 Ways to Avoid Accidents in the Powder

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Injury-Free SkiingWinter sports are more than just games in the snow. Health experts agree that winter sports are good for your health. For instance, skiing has many health benefits such as the development of your muscles and an increase in your hormone levels. But although the sport is beneficial, it does have its own set of risks – especially when it comes to injuries.

Fortunately, there are different ways to make your ski holiday injury-free. Here are three great insights from the folks at Snowscene:

Get the Right Fit

Never venture into the powder without the right gear. Now, remember that the “right gear” isn’t simply about buying thick jackets and gloves. More than the materials of your ski wear, what matters is how well they fit your body.

When your clothes are too small or too big, you wouldn’t be able to move around comfortably. Not only does this cause discomfort, it also increases your risk of suffering from an injury.

Go with the Fall

When you’re new to skiing, chances are you would fall several times. When this happens, don’t stiffen your body and try to fight the gravity. There is a greater probability of an injury when you attempt to stop the fall. As long as you stick to the powder, you’re safe to fall, as there are no rocks or icy surfaces around.

Start the Ride Slowly

Sure, there is an incomparable excitement that comes with skiing, but don’t get way too excited for your ride. No matter how thrilled you are with the idea of riding down the slope at top speed, start the ride slow. Keep in mind that you’re not accustomed to the feeling of skiing yet, so you’re just exposing yourself to injuries if you wing it and rush away. Acquaint yourself first with how to manoeuvre in the snow before you speed up the ride.

With these tips, you’ll surely enjoy your ski trip. Even better, you’ll get to enjoy it without any injury.

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