Kids at Heart: Why You Should Keep Playing as an Adult

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Now that you’re an adult, you’re probably thinking of giving up the act of playing. After all, you have to be serious now, and there’s work to be done for yourself and your family. You’re not going to have any time for silly games. However, you might want to hold that line of thought and give playing a chance even in your adult years. Here are a few of the fantastic reasons why you should continue it:

Keeps Your Brain Sharp

As we get older, we gain more knowledge about the world around us. But at the same time, we tend to fall into a routine, which pretty much degrades our brains little by little because it discourages new connections to form. Playing helps break that routine and injects something new into your everyday life, giving your mind a workout. You can give your brain more exercise when you solve puzzles, just like the ones that you can buy from

Makes You Feel Better

Have you ever experienced a time in your childhood when you felt terrible and a few minutes of playing with your friends cheered you up? Well, getting into a game or two when you’re an adult can still give you a mood boost. With the rate that people are getting into depression nowadays, you’re going to need those few minutes of fun to get you through every day. You don’t even have to spend that much, and you can share good vibes with your friends and family members.

Enhances Your Creativity

Lately, we’ve been seeing a trend of creative careers becoming in-demand. Artists, musicians, writers, you name it. Many companies now realize their importance in the workforce. Some people might even be wondering how they’re going to keep up with those who already have creative inclinations. An excellent way for anyone to start is playing. It helps adult individuals think out of the box and gain new perspectives, especially now that they can appreciate more complex concepts and can better apply what they’ve learned to something productive.

Mother playing with her son

Exercises Your Body

Because of the nature of their jobs, many adults nowadays are becoming sedentary and don’t get the exercise that their bodies need. This contributes to health problems, such as obesity and high blood pressure. Further aggravating the situation is the lack of time for as well as the tediousness of regular exercise for some. If you want a non-boring way to get a workout, then physical play can be the perfect activity. Just like when you spent the whole day without realizing it when you were a kid, you’ll find that you’ll have done a lot for yourself by the end of your game session.

In the end, you must remember that being an adult isn’t about throwing away everything that’s connected to your childhood. Instead, it involves approaching what you’ve experienced and loved as a kid with a more mature outlook. With that in mind, you don't have to be afraid to go out and play.

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