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Is It Bad for Your Health to Oversleep?

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Why People Need to Sleep

There’s nothing that can make you feel better than having a good night’s rest. People need to sleep for two main reasons:

  • It helps in repairing and restoring one’s organ systems, especially the cells, muscles, immune systems, and various other hormones.
  • The immune cells, known as T-cells, become more active when people sleep

What Happens If You Lack Sleep?

  • A decline in mental functioning
  • Lack of awareness
  • Lack of focus to the world around them
  • Distorted sense of time
  • Immense exhaustion

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Is It Okay to Oversleep?

According to experts, excessive sleeping can contribute to health risks that lack of sleep brings. Here are the consequences:

  • Poor focus
  • A decline in mental functioning
  • Headache
  • Overweight or obesity
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Stroke

Some people experience “hypersomnia.” The person suffering from this condition tends to do excessive sleeping during the daytime. Have you experienced an instance that you can’t sleep because you’re thinking of something? Your mind is so active that your body wants to take rest, but some things keep lingering in your mind.

You might have noticed that you’ve consumed an hour or so with your eyes closed, but, still, you are awake. This is really a disturbing condition, knowing that you have something more important thing to do the next day.

So, how can you go about them? Here are some suggestions:

  • The National Sleep Foundation recommends that if your age is between 18 and 64, you need 7-9 hours of rest every night. You should do it so that you don’t feel sleepy during the daytime.
  • Maintain a regular sleep routine. The weekend is no exception. Make it a habit to not break your rule of going to your bed if you need to sleep at 8 pm. Doing this will always give you a nice feeling when you wake up every Monday morning.
  • Refrain from drinking coffee in the afternoon. You can do it in the morning to keep you active. Do you know that the effect of caffeine in the body can last up to 6 hours? So, if you drink coffee at around 4 pm, most probably, you’ll be able to sleep at around 10 pm.
  • Don’t excite yourself 2 hours before going to bed. Some people become too busy checking their smartphones when they are in bed. Do you know that blue light can excite your brain? This will give you a hard sleeping at night if you are so inclined to your phone.

Sleeping is vital to staying healthy and feeling your best. But it should not be too much, as it can be bad for your health. Consider the tips mentioned above and you will have more energy to start the day.

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