Keeping Your Home Safe After Winter

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Water damaged interior wallWinter is over. The ice has melted. Flowers are starting to bloom once again. Summer is upon us, but that doesn't mean you can just forget about the last winter or the spring that followed. You need to do these things to keep your home safe for the family: 

Look for Signs of Mold 

When an area is cool and damp, there's a higher chance of molds growing. Pretty soon you will have a mold infestation on your hands. Don't let it get there. Look for signs of molds, especially in the basement, where they could be growing without you noticing them easily. If you've dealt with water damage and have called for water damage restoration services from AAA Restoration, lead them to the places that were damaged the worst, and let them inspect the area thoroughly for any signs of future problems. 

Repair the HVAC System 

The cold weather has given way to warmer weather, which means your heater is used less frequently now. The opposite is true for your air conditioning unit, however. To beat the summer heat, you crank up the AC settings. This could lead to a very expensive monthly utility bill if your AC is not working efficiently, though. Have it inspected regularly, and clean the air filters so that you get fresh air and pay for only the energy you use. 

Inspect for Pipe Leaks 

Weather changes can cause pipes to contract and expand. At every turn of the season, you should be checking that the pipes are not leaking and that they are not prone to bursting. Watch out for your water bill. If there is an unusual spike, you may have a leak somewhere. It's time to get help from contractors to settle the matter soon. 

It may not be cold anymore, but winter may have left some issues you need to address. Always inspect the vulnerable areas of the house, including those you don't notice often. 

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