Invisalign Treatment: What’s Stopping You?

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Woman Wearing BracesOrthodontic treatments today are not just limited to traditional braces. If you are considering straightening your teeth as an adult, you can avoid metal wires and brackets, and choose a more discreet option. Invisalign is a great alternative to metal ones, as it is made of plastic aligners that are nearly invisible.

Other than being virtually invisible, Invisalign does not use wires or brackets. It is likewise removable, so you can eat or brush easily. This means you will not have to worry about food getting stuck in the braces. You can likewise clean and floss your teeth as you normally would. You can easily pop the aligners back in and continue with your treatment.

Treatable Cases

Top providers of invisible braces in Gainsborough note that despite the advantages, many have a few concerns about Invisalign. One of which are the treatable cases. Most people believe that these clear aligners can only treat mild misalignments. The truth is, they are clinically proven effective for mild to complex cases. These include:

  • Overcrowded teeth – when there is insufficient space for all the teeth to fit properly
  • Gapped teeth – when the teeth shift (due to tooth loss) and create extra space or gaps between your teeth
  • Underbite – when lower teeth overlap the upper front teeth
  • Overbite – when upper teeth bite over the lower teeth
  • Open bite – when upper and lower teeth do not meet or make physical contact
  • Crossbite – misalignment in the upper and lower jaws

Cost of Invisalign

Another concern is the cost of Invisalign. It is more expensive than other treatment options, as the clear aligners are less noticeable than metal and other types of braces. The cost likewise varies depending on the severity of the case and the amount of time you need to wear the aligners.

It is important to learn more about Invisalign to find out how it can benefit your oral health. You should also get in touch with a skilled and experienced orthodontist to determine if Invisalign is right for you and develop a treatment program specific to your case.

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