Alcoholism remains a social concern

Keeping Alcohol Levels Low: Why Utah is the Least Alcoholic State in the US

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Alcoholism remains a social concernAlcoholism is still a very pressing problem in America. Statistics show that about a third of Americans will become alcoholics at one point in their lives, and nearly 18 million Americans have a drinking problem. These numbers show just how shocking and prevalent alcoholism is, and this is made worse because not many citizens are informed about alcoholism, and because there aren’t many treatment options available to those who are seeking it.

The Least Alcoholic State in America

Despite these high levels, however, Utah consistently maintains its ranking as the state with the lowest alcohol consumption in the US. This may be because of the strict liquor laws implemented by the local government. But that doesn’t mean alcoholism isn’t a problem in the state. Even though buying alcohol is regulated, it’s still readily available if you ask for it. Twenty-five percent of adults in Utah consume alcohol, and binge drinking is still common in the state. But, they’re able to keep the cases of alcoholism from getting out of hand.

But, even though there aren’t so many alcoholics here, those who drink alcohol tend to do so as a habit or in high amounts. This increases their possibility of becoming alcoholics. And alcoholism doesn’t just affect the alcoholic himself; it also strikes a blow on the person’s family and friends. Thus, it’s very important for these people to become more aware of the effects their drinking can have on themselves and on the people they care for.

Seeking Help

An expert opinion on alcoholism claims that drinking problems become prevalent because of two things: people lack awareness, and treatment is not easy to get. The bottom line is that alcoholism only gets worse if those who are seeking help don’t find it. In Utah, however, this doesn’t seem to be the case. There are many local alcohol rehabilitation centers, such as, ready and willing to extend their services to those who need it.

Although there is a greater chance for someone to be an alcoholic in this state, there are also many places that will be ready to help them on the road to recovery.

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