Invisalign or Regular Braces: What are Your Options?

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Girl Wearing InvisalignInvisalign has changed the dental landscape and the industry. However, Invisalign isn’t necessarily a one size fits all solution for malocclusion or misaligned teeth. The treatment can correct dental flaws, but it also has its own set of limitations.

If you’re looking to correct your bite and straighten your teeth, then you still might want to weigh your options. Here are some of the pros and cons of both Liverpool’s Invisalign and regular braces treatments.


Invisalign doesn’t interfere with a person’s physical looks. It is clear, easy to wear, and clean. It is made from a special form of plastic, and because of its smooth surface, mouth sores and injuries rarely occur.

Braces, on the other hand, are connected by wire, with brackets made from either metal or resin. They often cause gum sensitivities, sores, and injuries, especially brackets made from resin. Resin brackets are often larger than metal brackets.


Since regular metal braces are made from metal, regular braces are heavy and could create greater force than Invisalign. Dentists agree that this quality makes it handy in correcting complex cases faster than Invisalign. Gaps, in particular, tend to narrow and close quicker with metal braces.

However, when it comes to the total amount of time it takes to correct cosmetic dental problems, dentists have observed that Invisalign treatments are faster than using traditional braces. Invisalign can make treatments 50 percent shorter than metal braces.

Costs to consider

Invisalign costs higher than metal and ceramic braces because of the material as well as the number of aligner sets involved in its treatment plan.

The cost of Invisalign would be around £1,500. Braces, on the other hand, could cost at £950.

If you are looking for dental facilities that offer regular braces or Invisalign, Liverpool clinics offer many options for you. From dental clinics to medical spas, the city has many accredited orthodontists that can help you become to get your dream smile.

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