Here Is Why You Should Not Delay Tyre Fixes or Replacement

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Man repairing a carTyres are some of the most important parts of any vehicle, and that includes your car. And while its main purpose is to provide support to the weight of the automobile and everything it contains, it also plays the primary role of delivering traction, and more importantly, braking force to the surface of the road. 

For this reason, you need to make sure that your Nissan always runs on optimally-functioning, high integrity tyres, or you risk getting into an accident or causing a collision.

As part of your car maintenance and safety protocols, it is best that you source high-quality Nissan parts from a highly reputable West Auckland supplier like K.D. Auto Spares, including replacement and spare tyres. And of course, you should also familiarise yourself with the primary causes of premature tyre failure, including flats and blowouts.

Punctures, usually from sharp objects

Arguably the most common cause of all tyre-related problems, punctures can lead to a tyre losing air and pressure, and with enough force, a blowout. When you drive over sharp or pointed objects, such as broken glass, nails, or screws, they can embed themselves into the rubber, resulting in holes that permit air and pressure leakage.

So as much as possible, stick to smooth and uncluttered roads. Do not drive your car on terrains the manufacturer did not design it for.

Aged tire beads

Tire beads serve as the surface sealant of tyres. Like any other component of a vehicle, this wears out over time, faster depending on how often you drive and the length of time you spend on the road. Once worn, it slowly allows air to leak out, and ultimately, cause a flat.


When you fail to maintain your ride properly and have it carefully inspected by professionals, dirt, dust, and debris will inevitably accumulate inside the tire valve, resulting in it developing leaks. Once this happens, the best fix is to replace the valve stem.

These are just some of the top causes of flat tyres and blowouts. All of them, however, can result in accidents that you could prevent with timely repairs or replacements.

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