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In Need of Cash? Here’s How You Can Earn Quickly

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Are you in need of quick cash? We’re talking about small amounts of money, enough to meet your monthly bills or to splurge on something without compromising your monthly budget.

Fortunately, there are many ways to quickly get the money you need. Some ways are easier than others and require little to no capital.

Online surveys

If you have a reliable internet connection and lots of free time, look for online surveys to fill. Research companies are always recruiting people worldwide to answer surveys and test new products. Most surveys take less than five minutes to accomplish, and companies pay you a small amount afterwards.


Microloans help you secure a few hundred euros within minutes, depending on your credit, financial and employment status. You have to pay the company back, but these loans can help if you need to pay for monthly bills right away.


There are mobile apps that reward you for your everyday spending. Once you download the app and create an account, you need to link it to a credit or debit card. Whenever you shop using that app, you’ll earn points that you can convert to cash.

Donate blood

Some medical companies collect blood for research purposes, usually to develop and modify current laboratory methods and to develop new medicines. You will be paid depending on the amount of blood you donate. The catch is that you have to meet strict criteria to make sure your blood is suitable for research.


Although your council may pick up your rubbish from the roadside, you can also choose to recycle items such as cans, clothes and ink cartridges for cash. If you have scraps from your old car lying around, there are places where you can sell them. Depending on the amount you bring to a recycling centre, your profit can be quite substantial.

Sell old and unwanted items

Do some decluttering in your home and look for items that you no longer use, or, in the words of Japanese organising consultant Marie Kondo, those that no longer “spark joy.” Make sure that these items – clothes, books and gadgets – are in good condition before you sell them in a garage sale or on e-commerce sites.

For old collectables such as stamps and coins, look for specialised stores to have them assessed. They might hold a significant value that could bring you a hefty sum.

Side hustles

teacher tutoring a student

If you want to earn more quick cash, you have to make the extra effort to do so. Take some side jobs during your free time, like dog sitting, babysitting, tutoring or Uber driving. Offer to make deliveries, wash cars or tend to gardens. Use social media or simply talk to your neighbours to advertise your services. There are also websites that you can check for short gigs that you can accept when you’re free.

Whether you’re short on cash or looking to make extra spending money, there are many easy ways to earn good money – and to earn it quickly. You can choose to exert little to no effort or take some time from your free schedule with side hustles. Either way, you’ll have more control over your financial situation.

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