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Gift Giving: This is Why People Love to Give and Receive

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The spirit of gift-giving is practised around the globe. People like to give and receive gifts because it’s a symbol of the love shared between family and friends. Giving gifts doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive item around, though. You just have to choose something that will mean so much to the person receiving it. Still, if you want to show how much you’ve prepared for it, it would be nice if you put it in nice printed paper bags. Unlike gift wrapping, you’re giving the recipient an easier way to carry your gift. Plus, they can even reuse them!

The Common Reasons for Gift Giving

Why is gift-giving important? The most obvious reason is because of love. You give gifts to the people you love. For example, your mom loves gardening and her hand rakes and gloves have become unusable. You decide to buy her new ones so she will feel inspired to tend her garden more. You do that because you want your mom to be happy. You want her to be happy because you love her.

Another common reason is to say “Thank you.” Giving a gift to the people who helped you in a way shows your gratitude for their assistance. It’s a great way to show that you’re someone who isn’t forgetting the people who care about you and support you whenever they can.

Giving a gift to a potential business partner or client may seem awkward for some, but if you’re a businessman or a salesperson, it’s acceptable. You give gifts to people who can be beneficial to your business, career, etc. This is not a bad thing because there are instances when you need your presence to be known.

Some people love giving gifts because of their expectations of others. If you’re attending a wedding, for instance, it’s expected that you give a gift to the newlyweds. It has been a common practice around the world. It shows that you approve of their union and you want to give something that will serve as a good luck symbol for them.

There are times when gift-giving is part of a charitable mission. Some organisations give gifts to children, elderlies, and other minorities to share good fortune with them. These generous people love to share their blessings to others and are always set on doing volunteer activities.

People are generally happy when they receive gifts. As the gift giver, you get plus points for making others happy. This is not to build a reputation, but more on the fulfilment of making other people smile. Some, of course, do it for the benefit of having a good public image, but others are simply content with giving because they like seeing others happy and excited from their gifts.

A Deeper Reason for Gift Giving

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Gift-giving may be a simple act to show others that you care, but it can also be beneficial for you in terms of your health. Most people who give gifts are happy people. That’s because you get fulfilment when you make others happy. Everyone knows that having a happy heart can prolong someone’s lifespan. Generally, being happy can lower the risk of depression, physical pain, and low immunity.

Moreover, giving gifts is driven by the generosity and the availability of funds. Someone who has a lot of money tends to give more and expensive gifts than those who don’t. However, there are exemptions to that since there are people who don’t have a lot, but still give small tokens when they can. Mostly, it’s all about the drive of a person to give gifts.

Giving gifts can make both recipient and the giver some smile. As the recipient, you’re thankful that someone remembered you and made an effort to buy something for you. As the giver, you’re happy to make someone smile and be a reason to make a bad day become a good one.

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