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How You Should Weatherproof Your Home

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Whether you live in the Midwest or down south, the weather likely plays an important role in deciding when to do renovations on your home. Weather disturbances such as hurricanes alone spurred great spending in the remodeling market in 2018.

With unusual weather patterns observed in Northern and Southern U.S., homeowners may have more interest now than ever in weatherproofing their homes.

The good news is that there are effective ways to handle every weather situation. Homeowners who prefer having experts look after their homes may work with companies that provide HVAC installation services in Knoxville or any other part of the country. Other tips are outlined below.

Seal Everything in Place

A waterproof home can stand a chance against storms. Waterproofing means sealing your roofs and walls against potential leaks, mending old gutters, and weatherstripping doors and windows. Securing your home against rain or snow also comes with the added benefits of preventing water damage to your electrical wiring.

A waterproof home should also be well insulated. Proper insulation of roofs, floors, and walls will help keep you warm and comfortable during winter, as well as cut down on heating bills. If staying comfortable while preparing for a day out is worth the added expenses, winterizing your water heater could help reduce your energy costs down the line.

Maintenance is Key

Keeping all your home systems in good condition is a great way to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Replacing your HVAC filters regularly will help your heating or cooling system work at its peak. Improving your home’s filtration of indoor air pollution, such as dander, pet fur, and pollen, will also help people with allergies breathe easier.

Temperature on Cruise Control

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If you’re the type of homeowner who wants to monitor the temperature of your rooms at any given time, buying a programmable thermostat may be the right move. These thermostats maintain and regulate every room’s temperature using various programmable modes.

They also tell you when to replace your air filters and notify you of any malfunctions in your heating, ventilation, or air conditioning systems. Thrifty homeowners will also be glad to know that finding the right programmable thermostat for their homes will allow them to cut down on heating and cooling costs.

Setting the Mood

Remodeling doesn’t just mean the dirty work and heavy loads; it also means choosing the right shades for your home. Cellular or honeycomb shades help block the summer heat and keep homes warm during winter. These shades give homeowners a good level of privacy with their excellent coverage.

The color you choose for your home’s exterior paint will also have a huge effect on the weatherproofing of the structure. The darker the color of your walls, the better they get at retaining heat during the hot summer days.

Conversely, light colors such as white or yellow will help keep your home cooler when the sun is out. Weatherproof paint is the best way to go when dealing with your exterior walls. Some types of weatherproof paint offer better waterproofing. Others promise refraction of UV rays while some offer protection from mildew, mold, and other undesirable elements.

With today’s unpredictable weather patterns and stronger storms, it makes great sense to weatherproof your home. This will ensure that your family and belongings will stay protected when natural disasters strike.

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