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Furniture, Storage, Color: Decorating Tips for a Small Living Room

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Small living rooms can look and feel cramped and suffocating when there is too much of everything around. When you have limited space, decorating should be done with thoughtful consideration. You cannot go for extra large couches or elaborate center tables, for instance. Mixing and matching items are the best options that an interior decorator in Utah can give you if you intend to redesign your small living room.

Here are a few tips and ideas on how you can brighten up this small space in your home and make it look and feel more spacious than it really is.

Change the Arrangement of the Furniture

Small living rooms cannot accommodate a large table, a three-seater sofa or many chairs. But if there are already existing furniture pieces in your space, try to move them away from the wall. Remove one or two that you do not use regularly, or simply those that are better out of the living room. When picking furniture for a tiny space, always go for the sleek, leggy and simply designed tables or chairs.

Minimize Accessorizing

One of the issues about small spaces is that they become even smaller if your have lots of clutter. When redecorating a small living room area, you should look at how you can control clutter. One way to do that is by minimizing accessories. Pick out quality and classy pieces, which you would love to display for your guests to appreciate. Then, place these accessories in groups rather than scattering them around the room so that everything will be more streamlined.

Make Use of Hidden Storage

In addition to minimizing accessories, homeowners will also benefit from having strategic storage solutions to control clutter in the living area. Even larger rooms will not look good with a lot of clutter. You can make use of hidden storage compartment and solutions. Maximize spaces under end tables and coffee tables. You can also utilize wall shelves and nooks as a double for displaying and storing some of your items.

Place a Large Mirror

Living room with a fireplace and a mirror

This is one of the oldest tricks in making small rooms look larger than they really are. Mirrors, which reflect light, also brighten up spaces. It is best that you install a large mirror on one wall so that it will also become the focal point of the room. If you want to add lamps to your space, avoid using floor lamps and go for wall mounted or hanging lighting instead.

Harmonize Color Patterns

Dark colors are not a good choice for small spaces since they can easily overwhelm areas with too much texture and pattern. So, rely on light colors and neutral tones instead. Also, work with only a two or three-color palette and minimize patterns or textures. Choose neutral colors for the walls, and then you can make one accent wall with a pop of color. You can use wall decals, stencils or wallpapers on this accent wall. Pick light-colored carpets and rugs, as well.

Bright colors, small fun patterns and minimal furnishing are your best options when it comes to livening up your small living room without making it look and feel cramped. With these easy tips, you can make your living area at home look more spacious and airy.

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