Split System AC in Perth

How to find a reliable split system air conditioner Perth

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Split System AC in PerthSplit air conditioning systems are used all over and there are many different choices available, including mini ductless split air conditioning units. The mini split air conditioners of the ductless variety have vast use in multifamily housing units, institutional and residential buildings, commercial buildings etc. It is a good choice particularly in housing units, or commercial units that are extensions, wherein ducts and systems are not feasible in the construction designs.

Here are the advantages of mini split ductless air conditioners:

There are many advantages for split air-conditioning, including separate heating and cooling flexibility for individual rooms. With multiple indoor handling units available too connected to an indoor unit, people can have separate thermostats for separate zones of a house or building.

These installations are also quite simple and not as complex as installing the other types of air conditioner split units with ducts. In fact, as an energy saving technique, these systems can be installed easily with just a simple three-inch conduit between outdoor and indoor units.

A variety of conduits of different length can be obtained from the manufacturers  or installation teams like AllAirServices.com.au. Thus, hefty parts like compressors for the entire unit can be placed at an inconspicuous location without trouble and minimising the energy loss that may occur.

The energy losses associated with duct air conditioning systems is also eliminated. In fact, 30% of air conditioning energy losses occur because of ducts — especially when ducts are in some space that is unconditioned, like an attic.

Careful planning and discussions can allow you to make the best choice in air conditioning installations for your home, allowing you to maximise the output. This also lets you effectively cut down on energy consumption and electricity bills.

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