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Garage Door Security: Safe from Thieves and the Environment

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Garage DoorThere are many things to consider if you’re planning to get a new garage door for your home, and what you’ll be prioritising are probably the looks. A garage door, after all, may look simple, but it’s great to increase the visual appeal of your home’s façade and overall kerb appeal.

But, the garage door should be more than just looks. Apart from functionality, it should also be secure and resistant against environmental factors. Gryphon Garage Door shares more information below:

Safe and Secure

The garage door is the first entryway thieves will try to break into. This is because among the home’s entry points, it’s arguably one of the most vulnerable. You can simply straighten a coat hanger to pull the emergency release lever of the mechanism and the door opens!

If you want a garage door that’s more secure, get an automated one. It has higher security features than traditional lock and key garage doors and most have timers that automatically close the door at a certain amount of time. This is ideal if you tend to forget to close the doors when you leave for work.

Although not necessarily part of the garage door, it always pays to secure nearby windows and other entryways. Thieves only break into windows as a last resort, but those few minutes may be all that they need to get away with your car. A simple way to prevent this from happening is by reinforcing nearby windows with metal beams, so that even if they do break the glass, they still won’t be able to fit in the window space.

Weatherproofing a Garage Door

Making your garage door weather-resistant isn’t exactly that difficult to do. All you really need to have is some strong weather sealant. Water damage is arguably what you’ll be worrying about, but you should also take the threat of strong winds seriously.

If you’re buying a new garage door and you live in an area that experiences lots of rain and strong winds, make sure to get storm-grade garage doors. You can also add additional reinforcement with bracing systems to protect the door from external pressures and internal negative pressure during exceedingly strong winds.

Whether you’re buying a new garage door or retrofitting an existing one, it pays to give extra attention to security aspects of your car’s entry way.

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