How Not to Be Single

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Matchmaking in St. Louis ParkBefore she makes a comeback as the ever-lucky Anastasia Steele, Dakota Johnson starred in a fun, liberating film “How to Be Single” alongside Rebel Wilson and Leslie Mann. If you haven’t seen the film, the plot explores the path of self-discovery and the awesome side of being unattached. But while being single has its shining moments, being in a relationship or getting your A-game in the dating scene is undoubtedly more fun and exciting.

Good thing for Dakota there is a Christian Grey waiting for her. And lucky you, there is someone out there also waiting for you. So ditch the ice cream and Bridget Jones marathon and consider this article your welcome confetti on ditching your single status.

That Thing Called Matchmaking

In a time where almost everything comes with an instant feature, you may wonder why the universe seems to be taking long in getting you a partner. Why does it seem easier to swipe left rather than swipe right? Is there a shortage of people? Definitely no, in Minneapolis alone 50.5% of their 2014 population of 407, 207 are single.

If it seems dating apps or messaging apps are elusive in finding your “right one,” maybe it’s high time you consider a professional matchmaking service. Often, matchmaking services are least considered because people are easily intimidated with the concept. But it’s time to debunk that notion; turning to matchmaking services has a lot of pros.

Before you select a matchmaking service, know first the qualities you’re looking for in a partner. This part is crucial; you should know what you want right from the first time. Once you have identified the qualities you want in a partner, carefully choose the matchmaking service. Minneapolis singles are lucky to have a good array of matchmaking services. Look for the service that gives you full attention and not only provides you with the best options but also covers date coaching. Also, prep yourself with date-night ideas once they’ve found your partner.

The Best Advice

Matchmaking services will probably tell you the golden rule of dating and relationship, that is to be yourself. That’s the best advice out there and it becomes easier when you get the right team to help you in finding your partner. Destiny is for daydreamers, you go out there and create your own.

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