File folders arranged on the shelf

High-Density Storage: What You Need to Know

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File folders arranged on the shelfAre space and storage constant problems you can’t seem to solve? Have you heard of high-density storage? Essentially, high-density storage systems involve condensed items with the purpose of occupying less space. Various products share the same function. An example is movable shelves that decrease unnecessary aisle space.

High-density storage provides the same storage capacity as lateral cabinets or the conventional static shelves. However, the difference lies in a high-density storage’s ability to occupy 50 % less space.

Access aisles are redundant and are practically non-existent in high-density storage systems

Aisles waste precious time and real-estate. How? One needs to walk through the aisles to get an item located on one of the shelves. Imagine not having to go to the item, but having the item go to you.

High-density storage shelving is also known as mobile shelving

These are useful to commercial businesses, libraries, industrial handling and other small, medium and large applications.

Another kind is sliding mobile shelving

This double-depth storage is also referred to as vi-file shelving and movable lateral shelving. Considered as the system’s most cost-effective type, these are best for applications that are small to medium in size.

Compact pallet racks are another type of storage

They are also known as mobile pallet racking. This kind of storage is useful in warehouses that require big-sized and heavy-duty storage. Industrial facilities commonly use this type of storage.

High-density storage systems free up space with the use of movable drawers and compartments. With this innovation, product and supply storage is more intelligent. With high-density storage, sacrificing space for the sake of storage has become a thing of the past. It keeps the environment organised and flexible while prioritising comfort and making room.

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