Google’s Mobile-First Index: What Does It Mean for E-commerce?

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E-commerce in DenverA couple of weeks ago, Google began testing the mobile-first index that makes mobile e-commerce experience more valuable to natural search performance. This is big news to SEO services in Denver and around the globe, especially since shopping is the central activity for mobile users. As revealed by Google, four out of five smartphone users last year use their phone to shop in between doing other things.

With the new update, Google wants to provide their users better mobile experience. They now chose to use mobile sites to examine the content and identify their rankings instead of relying on desktop sites. Instead of a desktop browser, the tool that Google use to set up the trial index and crawl web pages will be imitating a mobile browser instead.

Will it mean anything to e-commerce?

Google typically use the desktop version of a website to identify its ranking, even if there is a difference in the content on the mobile site. The multinational technology company explains that the proper way to determine the content ranking now is to use mobile content, since it is what most searchers see.

This new trial will develop into the new status quo. Companies should ensure that their website’s performance in natural search must have the same strength in both the mobile and desktop versions.

Does this mean the responsive design will change?

Websites that have a responsive design do not need to alter their search engine optimization tactics. E-commerce sites will be able to glorify the magnificence of responsive designs for the mobile site is the desktop site and vice versa. Their websites will be optimal for Google’s mobile bot and mobile searches.

On the other hand, Google will still index an e-commerce’s desktop site even if it does not have any mobile presence. But, they won’t be able to enjoy the rankings boost brought by mobile versions. The experiment is still in the works and the result, whether it is positive or negative, will determine if they will start ranking mobile versions or just maintain the website ranking tactic.

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