3 Important Steps When Planning a Funeral

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Funeral Services in ClearfieldLosing someone who hold dear to your heart is one of the most challenging and devastating things you can ever go through in life. However, it will inevitably happen because death is something you will have to face. When it happens, you need to acknowledge your grief to be able to move forward and give your loved one the funeral he or she deserves. Here are some tips to help you arrange a good service.

Set the Date

If you know if your loved one preferred to be buried or cremated, then honor that wish. Set the date of the cremation or burial only a few days after the death. This will give you enough time to secure the death certificate and other paperwork necessary. Contact the professionals like Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries to manage the funeral service in Clearfield properly.

Publish an Obituary

Once you have a date and everything is in place, inform everyone about the service through an obituary. Try to estimate how many people will show up by looking at the number of people who have shown interest. Determine a guest list so you can inform the chapel or church about it and you can prepare food to accommodate everyone.

Prepare Readings and Eulogies

To make the funeral service more meaningful and memorable, make sure to prepare a eulogy for your loved one who passed away. Discuss with the entire family and ask who wants to give their eulogies as well. You may also contact other close friends to give their eulogies if they want to. For the readings, ask the clergy about the content and assign who will do them. Make sure there is music that reflects your loved one’s personality to accompany these words of tribute.

Follow these tips and you’ll surely honor your loved one who passed away in a wonderful way. This will help you cope with the grief better because you know you did your best to commemorate the life of your loved one.

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