Five Tips for Effective Warehouse Pallet Racking

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rows of pallet racksMaterial handling in warehouses is a critical operation. Without the proper management of materials and products, reception and delivery issues could emerge and hamper business activities. One principal aspect of storage management is warehouse pallet racking. It is a storage system that is cheap and safe. To guarantee an effective pallet racking system, follow the tips below:

1. Decide early on what type of racking system fits

When using pallet racking, you must understand your needs for storage. There are types of racking systems that can suit your kinds of loads, such as drive-in racking for high-density loads or selective pallet racking for large loads of different quantities.

2. Know the load capacity of the racks

Knowing the weight limits can save you from trouble. Exceeding the load limits lead to a collapse that can impede operations and even harm staff. Heavier loads should also be at the bottom. Make sure that the racks can carry them as well.

3. Ensure that the weight is distributed evenly

pallet racks

Loads need to be balanced just like pallets. Just loading the material on the pallets could be disastrous. You should put loads at the centre of the pallet evenly. Training and practice are required for proper loading.

4. Never set a rack adjacent to a wall

Pallet racks should have all its sides open and free for easier access. Each aisle must have equal measurements. Forklifts need space to go on each side of the rack or around it.

5. Check for broken parts

Failing to check any broken part can endanger staff, not just the loads on the rack. Even if the rack can still stand or appears to be in good shape, meticulously looking for breaks should be a required protocol before and after loading.

Pallet rack systems can deliver when it comes to storage efficiency. They are cheap and industry-tested. When using pallet racks, you can spend time manually fitting loads or checking for issues. You also get an easy way of handling warehouse materials.

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