5 Stunning Furniture Pieces You Can Make with This Wood Material

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wooden floor of a living room

Update your home’s interior look with stunning furniture made with live edge wood. Here are five pieces you can create and easily incorporate into your current interior design to give your space a fresh new-look.

A Unique Fireplace Mantel

Take the cozy vibe in your fireplace area up a notch by using a live edge slab as a fireplace mantel. It’s the perfect material to elevate the feeling of warmth and comfort in your favorite spot in your home during old months.

Make it stand out by bringing out its natural colors by using a wood finish that can give it a polished and vibrant look. This will definitely do up an otherwise dull and usually under decorated spot in your home, and turn it into a lovely focal point in the room.

A Quirky Coffee Table

a wooden table

Give your living room a brand-new look by simply replacing your old center table with a non-conventional coffee table. Live edge slabs tend to have different shapes and curves, giving it a versatile look.

You can easily bring it into any interior style as it can seamlessly blend with the rest of the décor or completely stand out and serve as an accent piece. Give it a chic and sleek look by pairing it with hairpin legs to give it a modern and industrial touch.

An Unconventional Wine Rack

Take a full slab of live edge wood and put it up on a blank wall in the bar or entertainment area in your home. This effortlessly stunning wine rack is not only space-saving but also doubles as a decorative piece, while keeping your precious bottles of wine in one accessible spot. It’s fresh; it’s modern, and it’s the ultimate wine rack design that works with any interior style.

A Mini Kitchen Table

Maximize your kitchen space and set up a breakfast nook fast and simple with a mini table you can put in the corner or the middle of your kitchen. The live edge table design brings a softer and easy-going look that feels more inviting and creates a cozier ambiance in the room.

A nice coat of wood finish can bring out its natural colors, and a good coating of wood sealant can protect the surface of the slab, giving it a smooth and a more finished look.

A Sleek Bench

This can also double as a low table which you can use to hold your books or to set up with seasonal décor. The versatility of a bench combined with the unique slab design makes it an art piece and multi-purpose furniture in one. It’s the ultimate paraphernalia in the world of multi-functional furniture.

There are plenty of other furniture pieces you can make using live edge wood slabs. This type of wood is the easiest to work and design and is very easy to incorporate with any interior design. This naturally sturdy material can last a lifetime, making it the best type of investment furniture pieces you can use to decorate your home with.

So, if you’re planning to spruce up your current interior style, update it with a live edge wood furniture piece to get a sophisticated and cosmopolitan look with a naturally interesting flair.

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