Facials and Fat: Plastic Surgery Trends You Can Follow

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Woman Getting Cosmetic SurgeryThe standards of beauty change over time, but one thing is for sure — people want to look their best and be more confident about themselves. This desire has branched out from natural beauty routines to going under the knife. Plastic surgery is now one of the most sought-after solutions to improve an individual’s appearance, but this doesn’t mean that you can go to any surgeon you see.

Before visiting a plastic surgery center in Beverly Hills (or anywhere in California for that matter), Allure Aesthetic Surgery of Beverly Hills reminds to do your research first. To be beautiful, you have to know what people see as beautiful.

Surge in Popularity

According to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Americans undergoing cosmetic surgery have been increasing. Plastic surgeons performed 17 million procedures, from surgical operations and augmentations to minimally invasive procedures, in 2016 alone.

Facial Focus

The report from the ASPS also detailed that patients focused on their faces more. The third, fourth, and fifth most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in 2016 all involved the face. Altogether with other surgical operations, facial plastic surgeries numbered 15 million in 2016.

These procedures ranged from nose reshaping to eyelid surgeries and Botox injections. Soft tissue fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal, and microdermabrasion also became popular. In addition, face-lifts climbed back up from obscurity. All these facial procedures feature quick results with only a little downtime, making them popular choices.

Fat Focus

Apart from facial cosmetic operations, the ASPS report also observed that fat grafting procedures are becoming a trend. These involve plastic surgeons taking unwanted abdomen fat and injecting them into other areas, such as the face, buttocks, or breasts. As the fat belongs to the patient’s body, the enhancements last longer than typical fillers.

Fat Grafting Procedures

Common fat graft areas include the buttocks and the breast, with breast augmentations seeing a 72% popularity increase in a year. These grafting procedures can be done through liposuction or other less invasive methods. In spite of its popularity, however, removal of fat through liposuction still became the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure.

Now that you know more about today’s standards of beauty, you can better choose which cosmetic surgical procedures you want to undergo. You can still follow your preferences, but you can also follow what’s on trend.

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